Born Beautiful Biracial: A Public Thank You

Born Beautiful Biracial Book CoverThe idea to create Born Beautiful Biracial came to me while watching Mariah Carey being interviewed on Oprah in 2000.  She said when she was a child, white children wouldn’t play with her because she was half-black and black children wouldn’t play with her because she was half-white.  I had hoped my young cousin wasn’t having the same experience, even though I hadn’t even met her at the time.

There was a little book on my coffee table called Children’s Letters to God and as I glanced at it, I thought, what if I could create a book for biracial children to help boost their self-esteem?  I asked my cousin, Evandrea, and a friend’s son if they would like to write essays for my book with advice on what they would say to other biracial children who are constantly asked, “What are you?  Are those your parents?  Are you adopted?”  Then, I spread the word to other friends that I was looking for children and teens to write essays.  I posted on forums, emailed families and started my search for an agent and publisher.

While the process was slow, I met 20 wonderful children, either in-person or via postal mail, who were courageous enough to share their thoughts, feelings and stories.  I feel the need to thank them publicly for the time and effort they put in for this project.

First, I’d like to thank Quin Pollock who posed for the cover, with his parents, Kim and Pete.  He was just barely two years old.  Kenny Pemberton was a newborn when he posed for the photo on the Introduction page, thanks to his parents LaTanya and Brock.  And special thanks to all 20 young writers:


  • Queen Afradeshia Jacobs-Etzioni
  • Ashley Porter
  • Brandon Jeter
  • Chandel Charles
  • Terik Minor
  • Madison Moon
  • Ailish Elzy
  • Danielle Derr
  • Camille Frommeyer
  • Evy Parker

  • Madeline Nakashima-Conway
  • Eli Johnson
  • Akina Younge
  • Mercedes Dillard
  • Roger Kazee
  • Rebecca Brestel
  • Kellee Manuel
  • Ashlee Manuel
  • Marie White
  • Tamiko Younge

Thank you all for being honest and for just being you!  You are inspiring children and teens through your heartfelt words of encouragement.  Several people have suggested I compile a second book called Born Beautiful Biracial: All Grown Up.  If I do, the second one won’t take as long, I promise!

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