My Most Recent Good Deed

My Most Recent Good Deed: Every Sunday, I try to go to the local famers’ market to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. On a recent visit, an elderly woman in front of me came up short at the register. While she fumbled for some change and considered writing a post-dated check, I told the clerk to put her bill on my tab. The woman and the clerk were both taken aback a bit, but it felt so good to make a difference in someone’s life. The woman handed me the change she found. I tried to get her to save it for herself, but she refused, so I accepted. I did take out the pennies and left them for the next customer who needed one. My total bill was $17. That was well worth helping a stranger have something to eat for the week. She told me she was a musician. That’s all I know about her. Maybe, our paths will cross again someday.

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