Smile Cards

Credit: grabbed my attention the first time I visited the website.  I read incredible stories of ordinary people paying it forward to help total strangers.  After performing a few random acts of kindness myself, I went back to the website to read all about Smile Cards and their origin.  They’re little cards that you can order from the website or print out on your own.  It seems these little cards are in high demand.  For two days in a row, I tried to order the pre-printed cards and learned that the daily limit had been exceeded.  You see, people volunteer to pay for those cards, continuing the extraordinary act of kindness.  It’s a cycle, really.  Do something nice for someone, anonymously, without the expectation of anything, not even a Thank You and perhaps the person on the receiving end will learn something in process, by paying it forward.

So, I decided to download the images of the Smile Cards and print them at home.  Just the act of printing them and cutting them into individual cards brought a smile to my face.  I can’t wait to use them.

A neighbor helped me in my yard this past week and refused any type of payment. I had to sneak a bill into his pocket, but it still wasn’t the full payment.  I’ve decided to take the remaining amount that he refused and pay it forward to someone in need or perhaps a random person who finds my Smile Card.  I just have to find a place to leave it.  In a mailbox?  On a car?  In a phone booth (if they still exist)? Maybe I’ll take a suggestion from and pay for someone behind me at the drive-thru (although I don’t eat much fast-food anymore).

I’m going to sleep on it.  In the meantime, I hope this story inspires you to pay it forward, too. Being kind to others will make you smile, guaranteed.

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