Washingtonians Walk to Stop Modern Slavery October 22

Thousands of people from DC, MD and VA take part in a 5K walk and resource fair to raise awareness and funds to fight modern slavery. Credit: Forte for Freedom

I work with a wonderful group of actors, many of whom volunteer in their communities on a regular basis. One such actor is Lisa Burdette-Carrasco. She shared how she became involved with the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force and I was so moved, I wanted to write an article about it. The walk is an annual event that takes place this year on October 22. Please check out the following article and share so hundreds of thousands of men, women and children will someday no longer have to live with forced labor and sexual exploitation: DC Stop Human Slavery Walk 2010. This is happening right here in the United States and even involves child pornography. Types of modern slavery include:

  • Forced Labor
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Child Pornography

For more information on human trafficking, contact the Polaris Project or call the Trafficking  Hotline at 1-888-3737-888 with tips or concerns.

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